Buying a Home in Charming Old Denver

There are more than 10,000 real estate agents running around Denver, why would you hire me to help you find your Charming Old Denver Home? 

Lots of reasons:

First, I work hard.  I'm almost always available to show property, and I have no problem dropping everything to show you the newest hottest listing. 

Second, I love what I do. You won't feel as if you're inconveniencing me when you call! 

Third, I'm a great negotiator. I'll do my best to get you what you want, while keeping everyone smiling at each stage of the negotiation (it's an ART). 

Fourth, I have great relationships with the other real estate agents in town.  I have a terrific track record in competitive offer situations because I usually know the other agent and have had a smooth transaction with them in the past. 

Fifth, I'm opinionated. I'll tell you if I think a home is a GREAT buy, or a money pit, and if you could do better elsewhere. 

Sixth, I know my stuff.  I understand and appreciate older homes, and know CHARM when I see it!  I am familiar with the joys and challenges of owning an older home, and can help you identify the projects you might be willing to take on. 

Seventh, I have FRIENDS IN THE BUSINESS.  I can hook you up with great honest home improvement specialists, who can help turn your dreams into reality!

Eighth, I'm a lot of fun! And buying a home can be, and should be a pleasant experience. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!


My Buyer Services 

Below are the services I provide to my buyer clients:

  • Buyer counseling
  • 24-hour availability (well, almost) to answer questions, address concerns, show houses, deliver contracts
  • Daily check for new listings
  • In depth explanation of all contracts and disclosures
  • Detailed, easy-to-read descriptions and pictures of homes
  • One hour response time to emergencies, 4 hours for non-emergencies
  • Up-to-the minute comparable sales information when preparing an offer
  • Strong (but friendly) negotiation on your behalf
  • Preparation of offer, immediate favorable presentation of offer, negotiation with seller's agent, strict adherence to dates and deadlines, assistance with arranging the inspection, review of title insurance requirements, review of closing figures, arrange and attend closing, ensure that possession is delivered satisfactorily.
  • Constant communication during the negotiation process
  • Access to my handyman, decorator, cleaning service and other contractors.


What Else Can I Do For You?

Jennifer Allan

 Jennifer Allan, GRI 303-947-1335