You Like Me... You Really Like Me!!

"I've known Jennifer for about 3 years or so, she is an awesome person! She has been great to work with, making sure that I have plenty of brochures, getting open houses organized, and my house advertised on several websites, including her own. I have a couple of friends who are also selling their homes, in two other parts of the country, and they have bragged about their realtors providing them reports of website access, photo tours online, etc. Jennifer has done all those things as a standard method of doing business! She knows her stuff, and she especially knows the Highlands." Janina

"Jennifer did a great job of helping us find a home in the Highlands.  She screened several houses to save us time and was willing to look at anything we thought we would be interested in. She also was very helpful in making sure we were informed on everything we might need to know about the homes and was actively involved in all inspections. We would certainly use her again." Sue

We first met Jennifer in 2001 when we were looking to purchase our first home.  We just happened upon her as she was the listing agent for a house we were interested in.  My husband, after talking to her on the phone and being impressed with how "level-headed" she was, recommended we meet with her.  She was helpful, honest, and didn't try to "sell" us anything.  She listened to what we wanted and let us make our own decisions, just answering our questions when they came up.  She knows we both work, so evening and weekend meetings were the norm and she always made time for us.  We recommended her to friends, many of whom used her as their agent, some in multiple transactions.

When we recently were interested in another house, we were SOOOO glad that Jennifer had moved back to Denver!  We called her up and she helped us purchase our new place.  She gives good, honest answers, and is very willing to give her opinion on just about anything if you ask her.  She also has a whole list of "people" that she knows so when an issue came up during inspection, she immediately had the number of a trusted resource to call for advice.  She can recommend roofers, housecleaners, you name it.

We naturally thought she would help us sell our old place.  She did her research and she really knows the older Denver neighborhoods.  We were selling a 900 square foot bungalow in NE Denver, so her willingness to work with older, smaller homes was also a good fit.  She made lots of recommendations to us on how to get our house ready in the not-so-fabulous market (professionally stage it, fix some things, price it competitively).  We figured she knew what she was talking about and followed all of her recommendations.  With a lot of elbow grease and Jennifer's help, we had multiple offers and sold it in 4 days for over the asking price.

As you can tell, we have really liked working with Jennifer on multiple transactions.  So many other Realtors we have met really seem like pushy salespeople, which was a huge turnoff for us.  We don't need anyone telling us the kind of home that we like!  What we needed was someone who is knowledgable about the process and willing to give advice when needed, and let us ultimately make our own decisions.  Jennifer has helped us purchase two places virtually painlessly, and helped us to sell our place in less than a week and at a great price, which everyone says is impossible in this market." Melissa

"I would HIGHLY and whole heartedly recommend Jennifer Allan from RE/MAX City Horizons (on Tennyson).  She helped us sell my husband's house in Wash Park a few years ago and not only is she knowledgeable but she is the most ethical person and Realtor I know!  She specializes in Northwest Denver homes." Amy


"Sandy and  her daughter Jenn called me after they spent all day with you, and they were very impressed with how 'real' and un-salesy and lovable you were....Jenn had prepped 'mom' with- 'don't get talked into this, she will go to properties you can't afford, bla bla bla...'  then called to thank me profusely for hooking you up with them,  and all I could say was 'told ya'...." Jill

"Jennifer has a unique and extraordinary passion for serving her clients. She also has a wonderful approach to networking and one we should all examine and learn from. Jennifer has a wealth of knowledge in the Real Estate industry and I have no doubt she always goes out of her way to please her clients. I would recommend her services to anyone!" Josh and Kathy

"PLEASE use us for a reference!  I would love to tell someone how great you are... Thanks again for your help."  Kim & Erick


 Jennifer Allan, GRI 303-947-1335