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Should I Offer a "Paint & Carpet" Allowance Instead of Actually Doing the Work?
What's the Big Deal with Family Photos?
Should You Hire a "Listing Specialist" to Sell Your Denver Home?
Denver's Best Built Home - The Hutchinson!
How Long Does it Take to Sell a House in Denver?
Houses Aren't Pet Rocks!
3810 Umatilla Street, Denver, CO
My Fifteen Minutes of Fame Coming Soon!
New to Blogging? Don't be DORKY!
Do You Use Outlook Express? Watch Your SENT Folder!
Instead of a New Year's Resolution... How 'bout a New Year's Theme?
Did You Get Your Referral Directory Magnet?
1350 Spruce Street, Denver, CO
2786 West Denver Place, Denver, CO
3065 Dexter Street, Denver, CO
Mountain Home, In-Town Amenities
Looking for Foreclosures/Short Sales/REO’s in Denver… but don’t know where to start?
Northwest Denver/Sunnyside Open House!
2786 West Denver Place, Denver, CO
A Whole House in Northwest Denver under $230,000??!
What's a "Good" Real Estate Agent?
It's Finally Summer in Denver!
Six Hours and Three Minutes from Denver… Heaven on Earth (okay, Kansas)
2825 Clayton Street, Denver, CO
A Sunday Morning Bike Ride
Sell with Soul II - Off to Press!
SOLD! In Four Days... Hey, this stuff works!
My Seller Asks... "Do I need to fix this?"
Northwest Denver DOWNZONED! How do I feel about it?
Clayton Open House!
2825 Clayton Street, Denver, CO
It's a Beautiful Day to Rollerblade in Charming Old Denver!
New Construction in NW Denver - Do we like it?
New Construction in Charming Old Northwest Denver - it's finally trendy!
11760 Amston Lane, Parker, CO
My Favorite Bookstore in Charming Old Denver - The Park Hill Bookstore!
Jennifer, Will You Reduce the Commission if You Double-End the Sale of My Home? Nope.
GET LOST! Why Sellers Need to SCRAM for Showings
Jennifer Loves Sushi in Charming Old Denver
I Love Selling Real Estate! Woo Hoo!
My Favorite Restaurant on the Planet - Highland's Garden Cafe
I'm Addicted (to the dog park in NW Denver)
Dumpster Diving in Charming Old Denver
Is There an @$$ For Every Saddle?
What $300,000 to $400,000 Buys You in Northwest Denver
The Jennifer Allan Parade of FORMER Charming Old Denver Homes!
To Ziggers... My Precious Under Dog
The 30-Day Sale: Condition is Queen!
The 30-Day Sale... Price is King!
Why "We're Not in a Hurry" is NOT an Option
What I've Missed About Denver
Denver Is... (observations from a recently returned Denver-ite)
C'mon Baba, Go Potty, pleeeease
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