Welcome to Jennifer’s VIP* Directory!

As my old friends know, over the years I've amassed a fantastic referral network of service providers throughout the Denver area who help me not only with my real estate business, but also with my personal life! I update this list on a semi-regular basis (okay, it's been two years - she admits sheepishly); below is the latest version.

Many of the providers listed below are known to me personally and are my go-to guys & gals when the need arises. Others have been referred to me... by YOU... my friends and clients.

However, as we all know (all too well!), service providers come and go, phone numbers change, businesses go OUT of business. So, while I did my best to verify all the information below, please don't be mad at me if you run into a disconnected number or an otherwise unreachable provider. But DO tell me about it so I can update my records! (And of course, see my disclaimer below)

You might notice that there are some holes in my list, so if you know someone fabulous who you can whole-heartedly recommend, please share. I'll contact them personally and be sure to let them know who referred them to me.

So without further adooooooo... 

Contractor Services vip

General Handyman          

  • Bob Bigum    303-886-7015  
  • Steve Popick  720-201-8109 
  • Shane McIntyre  720-299-1228 
  • Jeff Martin  303-921-6756 
  • John Bandock  303-968-6413 



  • Jeffrey Lempe  303-901-0947   



  • Reitz Roofing  303-466-0161 
  • Vince, Custom Tile Roofing  303-761-3831 
  • Shane Cameron  303-452-2822 



  • Steve Payne  720-275-4985 
  • Bell Plumbing  303-757-5661 


Hardwood flooring          

  • Tate Graves  303-883-5431 



  • Kathy Land, Land Services  303-349-7323 
  • Brian Scott  303-994-1832  (landscape design & construction, including sprinkler service)


Lawn Care                      

  • Jake, Lawn Remedy  720-232-0594 


Window Cleaning           


Personal/Household/Professional Services




  • Lisa Bonilla-Panter  303-455-6203 


Bioenergetics (holistic healing)           


Dog Training                            


Dog Sitting                              

  • Susanne Costello, Pupsicles  720-979-9760 


Dog Groomer                          

  • Tamra Fischer @ Remington's  303 282 8188  (Wash Park area)


Pilates Instruction                   

  • Paulette Fara-Schembri  720-621-0805  (Harvard Gulch Rec Center)


Used Appliances                     



  • Rachelle Salazar  720-218-3711 


Personal Insurance                 

  • Gary Audi, American Family  303-794-0738 



Graphic Design

Interior Design & Faux Painting           

  • Gaylene Garbizo  303-333-5300 


Flower Shop                            


Local Moving                     

  • All Pro Moving & Storage  720-434-2757 


That pesky old disclaimer... The individuals and companies listed in this brochure are providers either familiar to me, or recommended to me by others.  I hope to continue to refer them to my friends and clients in the future.  Of course, I cannot be held responsible for the service provided, or for any disputes that may arise. 

*Very Important Providers
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