Jennifer’s Picks  

As I wander through my days, I come across people, companies and services that/who really knock my sox off. Thought I'd share with my friends ...

(check back often as I hope to see this list grow and grow as I continue to be impressed!)

Massage Therapist
Lisa Panter 303-455-6203. If you like deep massage with an intuitive touch, call Lisa. It'll be the best hour of your week and the benefits will last long after!

Dog Training
Scott Schwab, Barkbusters (he comes to you); 303-898-9900; Scott got my three door-charging dogs under control in minutes... and taught me how to do it myself. Even faster than the Dog Whisperer!

Pet Sitting
Pupsicles Doggie Pet Care (located in Highlands), 720-979-9760; You will love Susanne, and so will your furry kids. The last time I returned from vacation, I think my pups were a little dismayed to see ME after their week with HER; they had so much fun while I was gone!

Business Cards 
Realty Resource, Denver, 720-344-0107. Realty Resource is one of the few printers who can use a Microsoft Publisher file to produce business cards. Super fast turnaround time, too!

Natural Dog Food (Raw/BARF diet)
Rocky Mountain Meats, Wheat Ridge, 5650 West 29th Ave. I put my dogs on a BARF diet (see above) about a month ago and the results are amazing. Rocky Mountain Meats has a special section of raw meat just for dogs and it's CHEAP!!

Health Food Stores
Sunflower Farmer's Market, 4700 West 38th Avenue, Denver. I LOVE this store! They have Boar's Head Meat (natural lunchmeat without preservatives) and a fresh sushi bar. Their prices are comparable to conventional grocery stores. I'm there almost every day (it doesn't hurt that it's just 7 blocks from home).

Vitamin Cottage, throughout Denver. Until I found Sunflower Farmer's Market, Vitamin Cottage was my go-to store for organic foods. I like them even better than the larger, more well-known organic grocers around town and their prices for supplements can't be beat. Small, but mighty.

Flower Store
Diz's Daisies, 2709 West 38th Avenue, Denver; 303-477-7229. This shop blows the competition away. For your $30, you'll get a gorgeous bouquet of fragrant flowers, not just a ho-hum bundle of carnations and baby's breath. Joe & Julia are true floral artists.  

Land Services, Kathy Land, 303-349-7323. Super friendly and gets the job done! My back yard went from a dog-destroyed dirt pit to an urban oasis at a very reasonable price. Email Kathy at