Selling Your Charming Old Denver Home

So, You’re Thinking About Putting Your Home on the Market?

Good for you! Don't listen to all the doom & gloom of today's media - rumors of the demise of the real estate market have been greatly exaggerated.

Well... sort of.

The real estate market has changed, no doubtaboutit. In the good old days, just about any home would sell, given enough time, exposure and price reductions. One of my old brokers used to say "There's an a$$ for every saddle!" which simply meant that regardless of the appeal (or lack thereof) of a particular home, there would eventually be a buyer for it. And she was right. Most homes eventually sold.

Today, things are different. Not all listed homes will sell, period. Some will, and they might even sell in a bidding war (yippee!), but many homes will simply languish on the market, waiting in vain for a non-existent buyer.

There are many reasons a home might not sell. Some reasons are obvious; some may surprise you. But let's not dwell on the reasons a home doesn't sell. That's not why you're here, no, you want to know what you can do, as a home-seller to ensure that your home is among those that sell, perhaps even with multiple offers!

Whether or not you choose to hire me or any other real estate professional, it's important that you understand what is about to happen to you and how YOU can dramatically affect the outcome of your home-sale journey. Sure, I'm a real estate agent and I feel there's value in my service, but if you're confident that you can sell your home without "my" help, that's just fine! I won't try to stop you or convince you that you can't. I promise.

I'm happy to help you analyze your options and make the right decision for you. No pressure, no sales-pitch, no obligation. This is what I do. I look forward to talking with you.

How Do I Sell Your Home?

How Much Do I Charge to Sell Your Home?

Do You Really Need an Agent to Sell Your Home?

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