Denver Demographics  

Did you know that there are some topics your real estate agent can't discuss with you? Topics such as crime rates, school ratings and general demographics? (Here's a great blog by an associate of mine entitled "Questions that Can Get Your Realtor in Trouble").

Anyway, just because I can't legally answer your questions doesn't mean you shouldn't ask them, or that the answers aren't available! You should and they are!

Here is a fantastic website that will tell you just about everything you want to know about the demographics of Charming Old Denver. You can even compare neighborhoods!

Here's a website for Denver residents that maps out the locations of recent crimes surrounding an address, school, park or other public location. It's pretty darn cool (if you're into crime rates & such).

Here's a link to the most recent Denver Police Department Annual Report (2007). Scroll down to page 12 for detailed crime reports for each district.

Here is a website that offers parents an objective rating of public schools, including test scores and demographics. Here's another one.

I hope this is helpful!


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