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What I Love About Charming Old Denver 

The Bike Paths
Denver is truly blessed to be crisscrossed with bike paths. You can strap on your roller blades or saddle up the bike and cruise from one side of the City to the other on fantastically smooth, comfortably wide pedestrian paths. Don't take this lightly; other cities don't have it!

The Parks
Feel like taking the pups for a walk? There's probably a park within walking distance, especially if you live in Central Denver. Whether you're looking for some quiet, personal contemplative time for yourself or are in the mood to see and be seen... Denver's parks are truly a wonderful feature of the city.

The Healthy Lifestyle
2 degrees outside? No problem! You still see people biking and jogging (not me). I've yet to see a cigarette and last night I couldn't find a parking space at the new organic grocery store in my neighborhood. When I tell someone I'm gluten-free (can't eat wheat), 9 times out of ten they know what I'm talking about. We have terrific health food stores all over town, with great selection and reasonable prices.

The Friendliness of the Natives (and transplants, too)
I don't think I've left my house for any sort of errand and not had a pleasant conversation with someone - a conversation that left me smiling on my way to the next pleasant conversation. Now, that may not sound like much to you, but I'm a bit shy and I tend to retreat into my own little world when I'm in public. People are so nice here! I'm inspired to hold up the tradition!

The 300 Days of Sunshine
Where else on the planet do you have Sun Glare reports in conjunction with the local traffic reports? Seriously, the sunshine is fabulous and can make an otherwise chilly day feel like spring. Maybe all the sunshine is why people are so friendly?

It's So Easy to Navigate
On my last trip to Denver from Alabama, I stopped off in Kansas City to see family. Got lost, lost, lost and lost again. I grew up there, for gawd's sake! Denver? All grid. Straight lines that intersect at perfect right angles; even the highways are pretty much straight and uncomplicated. Oh, and most of the streets in Central Denver are alphabetical! How cool is that??? (e.g. Zenobia, Yates, Xavier, Wolff, Vrain, Utica, etc.).

The Architecture
Charming Old Denver is heaven on earth for those who appreciate the beauty and elegance of historic homes. We have Victorians, Denver Squares, Classic Bungalows, Vintage Tudors, and Kitschy 50's Ranches. Not a big fan of "old?" No problem! Within the Charming Old Denver neighborhoods are plenty of newer construction homes, architecturally designed to blend in beautifully with the surrounding properties.  

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