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My Fifteen Minutes of Fame Coming Soon!

January 6th, 2009

Coming in February - My 15 Minutes of Fame!  

Here's a link to an article that (rumor has it) will be featured in next month's REALTOR Magazine.  

I think it came out very well!

(Okay, I'll stop patting myself on the back now and get back to selling houses.)

New to Blogging? Don't be DORKY!

January 6th, 2009

DORKY: A style of writing, primarily used in self-promotion, which is predictable, boring, boilerplate or just plain blah.

Are you self-employed and considering Blogging for Business? 

New bloggers often worry about many things... what voice to use, what topics to write about, how often to post, which keywords to sprinkle. But y'know what? The beauty of successful blogging is tha ...

Do You Use Outlook Express? Watch Your SENT Folder!

January 2nd, 2009

I'm addicted to my Outlook Express. Been using it for, oh, probably ten years now. It was a oereal surprise to me to discover that other people DON'T use good old OE! To me Email = Outlook Express.

Well, about a month ago, I started having problems sending messages. If you were communicating with me during that time, you might remember getting ten identical emails from me at a time, one ...

Instead of a New Year's Resolution... How 'bout a New Year's Theme?

December 31st, 2008

I SO wish I could take credit for this idea... But alas... someone else beat me to it and I suppose it's the soulful thing to do to acknowledge her brilliance...maureen

I read an article in one of our local neighborhood newspapers (the North Denver News) written by a Denver wedding officiant named Maureen Thomson ( 

Here's the introduction to the article: ...

What's a "Good" Real Estate Agent?

June 14th, 2008

A few weeks ago, I did a presentation for a local real estate company on Prospecting without a Sales Pitch. When I got to the part about why I think it’s more important to be a good real estate agent than to be a good real estate prospector, a hand went up in the back of the room.

“What exactly do you mean by being a “good” real estate agent?”

Ahhhhhh…. I’m SO glad you asked.


Six Hours and Three Minutes from Denver… Heaven on Earth (okay, Kansas)

June 11th, 2008

I just returned from a 3-day camping trip to… the middle of Kansas. Yeah, I know. I had my doubts, too. Why Kansas? Well, the LDR DBF was going to be in Kansas City for Rockfest 2008 (no, I wasn’t invited and that’s cause he really likes me), so we figured it made sense to meet halfway between KC and Denver for a little rendezvous.

He suggested Wilson Lake State Park. For those of you ...

Sell with Soul II - Off to Press!

May 27th, 2008

Writing the book was the easy part…It’s all the details to manage after you’ve PUT your words on paper until you SEE those words on paper where you really earn your money.

But… it’s DONE and out of my hands. In about a month, Sell with Soul II will be a real live book, available to hold in your very own hands, all 72,110 words of it. It’s the second edition of Sell with Soul I, with ab ...

Northwest Denver DOWNZONED! How do I feel about it?

April 30th, 2008

As you may have heard, the Denver City Council had a marathon session on Monday night - rumor has it that it finally broke up at 3am! I say "rumor" because I gave up around 9pm - I'm a lightweight when it comes to political events.

The topic at hand? Whether to approve a request to "downzone" two sections of my beloved Northwest Denver infilneighborhood in Sloan's Lake and West Highland. " ...

New Construction in NW Denver - Do we like it?

April 7th, 2008

WARNING: This blog touches on a hot political issue and unfortunately, I'm not a political kinda gal. So feel free to debate me, but know you're dealing with an unarmed woman.

Earlier this week, I wrote a blog about all the in-fill development going on in my ‘hood of Northwest Denver. You can read all about it here. But of course, any time there is development in a neighborhood, there ...

New Construction in Charming Old Northwest Denver - it's finally trendy!

April 5th, 2008


Those of us who know and love the Charming Old Denver neighborhoods have a soft spot in our hearts for older homes - we love our Tudors, our Bungalows, our Victorians, our cottages and our Denver Squares. We happily put up with an appalling lack of electrical outlets, virtually non-existent closet space, garages built for Model T's and so on. You know what I mean.

But as our fa ...

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