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What's the Big Deal with Family Photos?

The article below was contributed by Geri Bigum of Staging Denver. Staging Denver is ONLY the very best homestaging company in Denver, and, in my opinion, anywhere in the world. Okay, okay, maybe I’m biased because I had a hand in creating the company back in the 90’s, but seriously - these gals are good. While I’m not involved in the company any more, I enthusiastically recommend their services to my clients and use ‘em myself whenever I sell a home I personally own.

What’s the big deal about family pictures?

We’ve often noticed homes on the market with a ton of family pictures on walls and tables. Since we are in your sellers’ homes constantly, we know the resistance you get when you ask them to pack up the pictures. Some people don’t see the importance of removing them and don’t have the conversation with their sellers in the beginning. Others may not be sure how to broach the subject. After all, little Johnny and Susie are adorable and if their pictures come down, what goes up in it’s place? Others may not think that it’s the family pictures that are keeping the house from selling.

Don’t believe everything you think.
Getting started in the staging industry, I worked with a Realtor (side note - that would be ME!) who allowed me to take her buyers out for those first looks at houses. It taught me invaluable lessons regarding the things that are important to buyers. The first thing women and I wanted to do was look at the seller’s pictures. We would walk out of the house and forget the floor plan. Obviously, we didn’t fall in love with that house.

We don’t want pictures of the kids on the internet with the property address. It’s one thing to know there are children in the house, another to see what they look like. Take their names down, while you are at it. Keep those babies protected!

Men don’t want to see pictures of someone else’s family in the house that they are considering for their family. They see pictures of the adults and wonder if they were in a meeting with them last week. They spend the entire tour of the home trying to place your clients’ faces and remember where they met them. Might as well take that house out of consideration.

Our team is well versed in what keeps a home from making the A list for buyers and we articulate them so well with your clients that they are glad you sent us to them. Especially when they go to the closing table!

Staging consultations start at $250.00 and can make you thousands in return. Would you like to talk to Geri? Email her at or call 303-886-1614. You’ll love her!