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New to Blogging? Don't be DORKY!

DORKY: A style of writing, primarily used in self-promotion, which is predictable, boring, boilerplate or just plain blah.

Are you self-employed and considering Blogging for Business? 

New bloggers often worry about many things... what voice to use, what topics to write about, how often to post, which keywords to sprinkle. But y'know what? The beauty of successful blogging is that it's an opportunity to truly be yourself.  

When you blog, don't be DORKY, be YOU. If you're sappy, blog sappy. If you're sarcastic, blog sarcastic. If you're funny, blog funny. If you wake up one morning frustrated as heck about something or other, blog about it. Conversely, if you're tickled pink by a recent encounter at the health food store, write about that. If you have a brilliant AHA moment standing in line at the post office, there's a blog in there somewhere!

(Oh, one caveat. If you're a sloppy writer, don't blog sloppy! Use your spell check, capitalize appropriately and be sure to use your ENTER key on a regular basis.)

Don't try to write about topics you couldn't care less about. Not a political type? Don't try to write about local political issues. Don't know much about the economy? Leave the economic outlook blogs to someone who does. Not into cultural events? Don't bother trying to write intelligently about the new opera in town. Me? Among other things, I love dogs, sushi, rollerblading and old houses. That's what I blog about.

But don't worry too much about speaking to any particular audience. YOU do the talking and the right audience will find you. And you know what? If your blogs come from YOUR voice, you'll stand a much better chance of enjoying the process enough to keep it up.

Blogging for dollars is a long-term prospecting project, so enthusiasm is critical if you want to see your efforts pay off. Once your audience discovers YOU and starts to tell you how awesome YOU are (how insightful, how funny, how creative, etc.), well, that'll be some serious inspiration to keep at it! But blog with someone else's voice and eh... you'll probably throw in the towel within the month.

In summary, to avoid being a DORKY blogger:

•       Write from YOUR voice, that real person who has a terrific personality

•       Write about topics of interest to YOU

•       Proof-read, proof-read, proof-read  

Now, go get 'em you UNDORKY blogger, you!