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Do You Use Outlook Express? Watch Your SENT Folder!

I'm addicted to my Outlook Express. Been using it for, oh, probably ten years now. It was a oereal surprise to me to discover that other people DON'T use good old OE! To me Email = Outlook Express.

Well, about a month ago, I started having problems sending messages. If you were communicating with me during that time, you might remember getting ten identical emails from me at a time, one right after the other. Apparently, my SENT messages were going to my Outbox, but weren't able to move to the SENT folder; thus they were being sent over and over again. Because I was in the process of moving my Internet server, I figured it was related to the switch, and didn't worry too much about it (oops).

Well, yesterday, I went into my Sent folder, looking for a message I'd written the day before, and BAM! NO messages. "There are no items in this view." I exited, came back in, held my breath... and BAM! Still "There are no items in this view." Oh, sh*t.

My entire business history is in my Outlook Express folders. This was starting to look mildly catastrophic.

I called Microsoft Technical Support and I tell ya' - say what you will about Microsoft but they were great. For the low, low price of $59 (yeah, that annoyed me, but whatever), I was immediately connected to Benny in the Outlook Express department. He spent two hours with me and installed a special Outlook Express Repair program on my computer which he hoped would recover my 12,313 lost emails. And, it took 15 hours of run-time, but it worked!

The punch line? Your Sent folder can fill up. Mine was at 1.99 GB (whatever that means), and when it hit that threshold, it simply deleted all the messages. So, today, I have to go through all 12,313 recovered messages and delete the ones I don't need. And, of course, keep an eye on my Sent folder forever and ever.

Thank you Benny!