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Mountain Home, In-Town Amenities

I just listed the cutest little house ever... in Evergreen, Colorado. It's the kind of place you walk in and say "Oooooh, I want this!" Pottery Barn meets Santa Fe - the owner is an artist and the place just feels good. Warm... cheerful... flooded with light. EVER

For those familiar with Evergreen, it's not one of those "mountain retreats" that sits at the tippy-top of a hill, three long brutal miles up a winding, pot-holed, street-sign-free dirt road. Nope, it's just a mile from downtown, off Hwy 73, easy-peasy to find and get to.

The lot is small - city-size actually - but there's a natural park across the street and another one right next door. So, you enjoy privacy and solitude without the responsibility and hassle of yard work!

The price, you ask? Get this... $263,900. Seriously. That's a DEAL for a nice house this close to downtown Evergreen.

This place is CUTE CUTE CUTE! Check it out!


Wanna see it, live and in person? Call me... 303-947-1335. Let's take a trip to Evergreen!

Jennifer Allan