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Looking for Foreclosures/Short Sales/REO’s in Denver… but don’t know where to start?

Frankly, neither do I. I’ve made the executive decision that the Foreclosure market is not my thing. In the late 90’s, I worked with a lot of investors, but that was a different world – one in which the sellers actually seemed to want to sell! I’ve heard so many horror stories of deals that seemed too good to be true… and were. Or sales that dragged on and on for months only to eventually disintegrate after wasting an incredible amount of time and energy.

Nonetheless, today’s market does offer incredible opportunities for the amateur or professional investor and I’ll bet a lot of us will wish we’d taken advantage of one or two of them… I know if I had a couple extra hundred thousand lying around right now, I’d be picking up some real estate…

Anyway, I wanted to pass on the name of a guy I met a few weeks ago who has created a dandy little niche for himself in this Foreclosure market. What he does is purchase a foreclosed home, renovates it, procures a renter and then sells the house at a cash-flowing price. I’ve seen his work and it’s decent! I’ve never done a transaction with him, but my impression was that he’s a straight-up guy offering a win/win proposal. His tagline is “We Always Pass the Deal on.”

If you’d like an introduction, just get in touch with me and I’ll hook you up.