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C'mon Baba, Go Potty, pleeeease

As you may know, I'm currently in the process of moving from Alabama to Denver, literally. I loaded up the pups in the Subaru on Wednesday, drove to Paducah, KY, then onto Columbia, MO (where my family is), then to KC, MO (where more family is) and last night I stayed in Hays Kansas... just four more hours to go and I'll be in Denver!

Well, traveling with three dogs, two of which have never been away from home has been...well, not as much fun as it sounds, especially since it's a balmy 2 degrees during the critical go-potty hours (that is, 5am and 7pm). These are dogs who have lived in the country their entire lives (ten months) and have never been on the other end of a leash. They just don't get the concept of "doing their business" on command, especially with me standing 3 feet away.

So, it seems my entire life these last four days has centered on "Did the puppies poop?" Usually, the answer is... heavy sigh... "No, we'll try again in a bit."

Otherwise, they've been fabulous traveling companions.

A sad side note... yesterday I saw a dog sitting in the middle of I-70; just sitting there, with cars and trucks whizzing by him. His friend was on the side of the highway barking at him and running out to him between cars to try to help. I assume he was hurt. I pulled over, and together with a Fed-Ex driver, we attempted to coax him off the highway... this story ends badly, so you might want to stop right here.

* * * * *

Over the hill come two 18-wheelers, side by side. Nothing they could do. Right in front of me... yeah. Afterwards, the Fed-Ex driver and I pulled the dog's body to the side of the road (he was a big guy - the dog, that is), arranged his legs and head so he looked like he was sleeping, said a little doggie prayer and returned to our cars.

I was so grateful to see my three little non-pooping pups safe and sound in my back seat...