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Sell with Soul II - Off to Press!

Writing the book was the easy part…It’s all the details to manage after you’ve PUT your words on paper until you SEE those words on paper where you really earn your money.

But… it’s DONE and out of my hands. In about a month, Sell with Soul II will be a real live book, available to hold in your very own hands, all 72,110 words of it. It’s the second edition of Sell with Soul I, with about 50% new material and updated for today’s more challenging market.

Can’t wait for July 1st ?(my, am I full of myself today or what?) Well, you’re in luck! The unabridged eBook version is available on my website for immediate delivery - purchase it now and in late June, you’ll automatically receive one of the first 1,000 “real” books printed, complete with an autograph!

In all seriousness, I’m really proud of this book. While Sell with Soul I received outrageously positive reviews, there’s no comparison between that version and the new one. I had a fantastic team in place who pulled it all together and created a wonderful product to be… well….very very proud of.

Thanks to everyone involved in Sell with Soul IIBarbara, Jon & Inna, Peri, Peter, Diana and all my friends and clients who contributed their stories. You guys are wonderful.


Purchase Sell with Soul II in eBook form today and get an autographed copy of the Real Thing upon release! CLICK HERE for details.