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SOLD! In Four Days... Hey, this stuff works!

Last Thursday, I put a wonderful little 1925 Bungalow on the market. Sunday soldevening, I presented multiple offers to my seller. We’re now under contract about $7k higher than asking price, and inquiries are still coming in.

But, wait a minute! I thought we were in a miserable housing market… what the heck happened?

Pretty simple, actually. My sellers did everything I asked them to do to prepare their home for market, they priced it competitively and voila! SOLD!

So… what all did they do to “prepare for market?”

  1. Had the home professionally staged
  2. Painted throughout, including the dingy ceilings (under protest!)
  3. Finished all the incomplete projects
  4. Replaced the smelly carpet in basement
  5. Cleaned out the wood-shop in basement and painted the floor
  6. Resurfaced the cast-iron tub
  7. Replaced an ugly ceiling fan
  8. Repaired the sticky locks
  9. Priced the home just below market

Yes, my sellers worked their backsides off and spent around $3k on repairs & staging. Was it worth it? Oh, yeah… to them at least. They’d already purchased their next home and sure didn’t want to be sitting on this one any longer than they had to.

Do they feel any Seller’s Regret at the quick sale? No. Oh, maybe a little bit, but they’re smart enough to know that there are two kinds of Seller’s Regret… and they’ll take THIS one all day long. I’ll talk more about Seller’s Regret tomorrow!

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