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My Seller Asks... "Do I need to fix this?"

An open letter to homesellers everywhere... from the heart.

My Dear Seller,

Last night you asked me what you should fix before we go on the market next week. You may have noticed that I was a little uncomfortable answering the question. Why? Because I hate to spend your money and I know how much you already have on your plate. Believe me, I feel your pain... but...

I have a house in Alabama that went on the market in January. I chose not to fix many things because I thought buyers would overlook them when they fell in love with the house.

Well, here it is four months later and the house sits unsold. The feedback has all been condition-related. Little things - that I now wish with all my heart I'd done. But now I'm over $5000 paid out in mortgage payments and am looking to rent. It's painful.

It's hard to know ahead of time what will matter, but in this market, I must recommend that you assume EVERYTHING matters. I know what a pain it is to make home repairs, but it's much more painful to wish, three months down the road, that you'd made them.

Let me know how I can help.


Jennifer Allan