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What I've Missed About Denver

I left Denver in 2006, on a quest to become a Southern Belle. I've been living in L.A. (Lower Alabama) for the last two years and, alas, my dreams of channeling my inner Scarlett O'Hara didn't quite work out as planned. No complaints, no regrets... but two months ago I realized the truth... I don't belong here... I belong in Colorado. So, in less than a week, I'm heading back. Just me and my three dogs on a 24-hour drive - please send me your good wishes! (oh, and feel free to call me to keep me entertained... and awake! It's a very long drive.)

Anyway, when I left Denver, I distinctly remember confidently saying "I won't miss Colorado at all!" Well, I was wrong. While there are things I'll miss terribly about Alabama (and I'll write about those soon), I'm thrilled to be coming home. To Denver.

For those who might be taking this wonderful city for granted (as I did), here are some things to remind you how darn special Denver really is:

•        The BIKE PATHS! Denver is truly blessed to be crisscrossed with bike paths. You can strap on your roller blades or saddle up the bike and cruise from one side of town to the other on fantastically smooth, comfortably wide pedestrian paths. Don't take this lightly; other cities don't have it!

•       The PARKS! Feel like taking the pups for a walk? There's probably a park within walking distance, especially if you live in Central Denver. Whether you're looking for some quiet, personal contemplative time for yourself or are in the mood to see and be seen... Denver's parks are truly a wonderful feature of the city. vc

•       The HEALTH FOOD STORES! I can't wait to get back inside a Vitamin Cottage and am thrilled that there's a new Sunflower Market just SEVEN blocks from my house in Highlands!

•       The HEALTHY Lifestyle! Until you're away from it, you don't realize how darned healthy people are in Colorado. Look around - everyone is walking, biking or heading for the slopes and... for the most part... not smoking.

•       The DIVERSITY! I'm no political activist, but after living in the south, I have a much healthier respect for the live-and-let-live nature of Denver-ites. ‘Nuff said.

•       The DENVER GRID! Being a real estate agent, I absolutely LOVE the Denver Grid and the alphabetized streets. It's so easy to get around town (unless of course, you're dealing with downtown or that pesky I-25 curve that cuts through Wash Park/Platte Park. Messes with me every time).

•       A TERRIFIC AIRPORT! Say what you will, but DIA is a great airport. From my house in Alabama, I had to drive 3.5 hours to Atlanta to go anywhere. shandy

p.s. Thought of one more thing. NO FLEAS. My poor Colorado dogs didn't know what hit them. My beloved 15 year old Shandy couldn't handle the stress on her system and died shortly after we got here; I believe from her lack of immunity to the fleas. Lizzie - my dachshund - has practically chewed her tail off trying to relieve the itchies from an adverse reaction to the flea meds. She'll be glad to get home.