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It's a Beautiful Day to Rollerblade in Charming Old Denver!

rbI love, love, love to rollerblade. I also love, love, love Sloan's Lake in Denver. Put the two together and you have a happy Jennifer.

Temps today in the 70's, amazingly blue, almost purple sky (at least thru my rose-colored glasses), light wind... ahhhhh... rollerblade bliss.

My poor blades have been packed away for nearly three years - Alabama is not rollerblade-friendly - so I was pleased that I could find them and that the wheels still turn relatively easily.

Sloan's Lake is a perfect rollerblade park. It's, I dunno, maybe three miles around on a wide, smooth path right next to the lake. As you're blading, you can watch the fish jump and the ducks herd their young, or focus inland to see young boys playing soccer or dog-owners playing catch. The lake itself has that lovely lake smell and in certain seasons, the linden trees are almost overpoweringly fragrant.

I love Sloan's Lake.

One minor gripe. Even though the park isn't terribly crowded, there are always one or two groups of people who insist on taking up the whole path. You know what I mean. The guy in the middle of his two leashed dogs or the four young mothers with their four strollers. What's the proper etiquette for a rollerblader? I find that shouting at people from behind simply startles them and more often than not, they jump right into my path. But when I just try to squeeze thru them, I hear their annoyance behind me. Sometimes I choose to express my annoyance by coming to a full stop and simply walking around them on the grass. This usually results in an apology, but that's not my goal. I just wanna share the path with walkers, riders and fellow bladers without having to shout, squeeze or elicit apologies.

But that's such a minor issue. I thoroughly enjoyed my first day back in the blades and am looking forward to dozens more as spring turns to summer in Charming Old Denver!

Jennifer Allan