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My Favorite Bookstore in Charming Old Denver - The Park Hill Bookstore!

I love to read. I love to read. I love to read. Did I mention how much I love to read?read

But reading can be an expensive habit. Walk around my house and you'll find no fewer than 5 books open. That's at least $50 worth of books, assuming I purchased them used on Amazon (don't forget shipping)!

For me, a trip to a retail bookstore is at least a $75 adventure.

Ahhhh, but the USED bookstore... sheer bliss for rabid readers like me. In my quest for cheap used books, I've been to a lot of bookstores across the city and have been [sigh] disappointed by most.  Prices aren't quite as low as I'd hope, service isn't nearly as friendly as I'd like and worst of all, when I try to bring back my books for trade, they pick thru them and leave me toting most of ‘em back home with me. I don't like that.

Welcome to the Park Hill Bookstore at 23rd Ave & Cherry, across from The Cherry Tomato and Spinelli's Market.

The Park Hill Bookstore is special. First, their pricing structure is simple - $1 for paperback romance novels, $2 for all other paperbacks, $4 for hardcover. Second, the "staff" is all volunteer and are always friendly and helpful. Third (if you're a member at a cost of $15/year which includes 10 used book credits), you can exchange your own used books for store credits and I've never had them turn my books down!

I love the Park Hill Bookstore!