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GET LOST! Why Sellers Need to SCRAM for Showings


Anyone selling a home needs to understand one Very Important Thing. The seller must leave the home for showings. No exceptions.

As a real estate agent, it's my job to ensure that my sellers know how important this is. It's reasonable that a seller wants to help the sale of his home any way he can, and he figures he's the most qualified to point out all the special features to buyers and to answer questions about the neighborhood. Reasonable, to be sure, but dead wrong.

Buyers don't need help forming an opinion of a home. In fact, they specifically shouldn't have help - not from the seller, not from their agent. They need to be able to walk in the door in peace and simply absorb. To decide if it feels like home to them. Either it will or it won't (feel like home). If it doesn't, the game is over. No amount of feature-pointing-outing from either the seller or the agent will change the buyer's mind. Might as well move onto the next home.

If the home piques the buyer's interest in the first 30 seconds, he will want to discover the home on his own. HE wants to find the walk-in closets and the custom dog door! HE wants to see the beautifully landscaped yard for himself. HE wants to explore every nook and cranny (or not) on his own terms. If he has questions, he'll ask them. Preferably of his agent. (This is where Special Feature cards and a "Details about This Home" brochure can come in handy.)

The buyer needs to sell himself on a home before anyone else can help him close the deal.

But... but... but... (To be continued tomorrow)

Jennifer Allan