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Jennifer Loves Sushi in Charming Old Denver

As those who know me... well, know... I'm a very fussy eater. Not by choice (sigh), but rather because I'm allergic/sensitive to several common foods. However, I refuse to be locked at home in my own kitchen, so I have made it my goal to figure out where I can eat safely in Charming Old Denver. sushi

Because I can't eat anything processed, the safest choice seems to be sushi. Poor, poor Jennifer... destined to explore all the sushi joints throughout the metropolitan area! Would you like to join me? I've gotten a good head start already!

Sushi Hai - 32nd & Lowell: We NW Denver-ites couldn't believe it when Sushi came to our part of town. For years, we'd been forced to travel (gasp) downtown or to Sushi Den for our raw fish & seaweed fixes. But when Sushi Hai showed up, we knew our little part of the world had arrived.

Here are some reviews of Sushi Hai. Like many of the writers, Sushi Hai is not my favorite place for sushi, even though I love the ambience and convenience. Because I'm allergic to soy sauce, I "make my own"  with fresh lemon juice and salt, and for some reason, the servers here never seem to get the idea that when I ask for lemons, I want to SQUEEZE them. One time, my bowl of lemons arrived shaved - I have no idea what the waitress expected me to do with a bowl of shaved lemons. They don't have salt shakers either, so they always bring me a little bowl of salt. I've learned to throw my own salt shaker into my purse when I visit Sushi Hai. Okay, so it may be overly fussy to complain about the lack of lemon wedges & salt shakers, but every other sushi place in town manages to accommodate me!

Sushi Sasa - 15th & Platte. Now, we're talking! I was pleasantly surprised to find another choice for sushi right in my NW Denver ‘hood! I love the décor and the ambience and the sushi was absolutely wonderful. No problems with lemons and/or salt. I may never darken the door of Sushi Hai again. Read the reviews and you'll see that many agree.

Sonoda's - Always a good choice for sushi, but because I'm a little paranoid of driving and parking downtown, I rarely venture there. However, every time I've braved the one-ways and parking meters, I've been satisfied, if not overwhelmed with the experience. Here are some reviews.  

Japon - Old South Gaylord in Washington Park. Love the sushi here! Great service, contemporary décor; the only drawback can be parking on Old South Gaylord, and it's a little pricier than the other sushi joints. Reviewers are mixed on Japon - read more here!

Sunflower Farmer's Market - Seriously, Sunflower has become my go-to sushi source when I don't have time for the restaurant experience (or don't feel like tipping). Sunflower Farmer's Market at Highlands Garden Village has fresh sushi that rivals the quality of the sushi at any of the above restaurants. $5.25 for six Nigiri; $8.95 for a serious rainbow roll... can't beat that! Again, reviews are mixed, but I love the place.

I'm also on the hunt for good ceviche... stay tuned!