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I Love Selling Real Estate! Woo Hoo!

Okay... so here's the deal.

I'm not new - I've had my real estate license since 1996 and have sold over 500 homes.

On the other hand, I am new. I left real estate more than two years ago, and swore I'd never return. I was going to be a famous writer, work from home (whereever that may lead me around the world) and never have to lose sleep over an overpriced listing again.

But I'm back. And I love it. Y'know what's the most fun about this re-entry into real estate sales?

I KNOW what I'm doing. I know my market, my systems and my contracts. I know how to negotiate and how to prepare a kick-a$$ CMA. I know how to figure out what a buyer REALLY wants, even though he tells me something totally different.

But I'm not burned out. I'm not even jaded. Every time the phone rings, I jump up excitedly to answer it. I love to preview. I love to prepare CMA's. I have an appointment this weekend with an old client to talk about listing her home and I'm tickled pink about it.

I have the experience and expertise of an old fogie, coupled with the excitement and enthusiasm of a newbie...

What a rush!

Jennifer Allan