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I'm Addicted (to the dog park in NW Denver)

I have a new addiction. The Dog Park in Berkeley - around 46th & Yates.

Why do I say "addiction?" Because... imagine the collective energy of 100+ happy dogs racing around the (fenced-in) park, with their 100+ owners proudly overlooking the scene. It's a rush. Probably something like the rush you get when you shoot illegal nastiness into your veins (no personal experience there though).

On my first visit, I stood in the middle of the park, all by myself, laughing out loud as I watched Baba and Ziggers make new friends, hump old ones and then collapse for a moment or two out of sheer exhaustion, only to spring back to life and begin again.

Feeling a little blue? Head for the Dog Park. Call me - I can be there in five minutes.

I'm addicted.

Jennifer Allan