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Dumpster Diving in Charming Old Denver

We central Denverites love our alleys. That’s where our garages are, where we can “donate” unwanted items to alley scavengers and where we keep our City dumpsters. Sometimes we get mad at our dumpsters when they block access to our garages (and just TRY to get a dumpster moved!), but for the most part, I’d say we’re pretty happy with our trash disposal system.

However, a few days ago, I saw a pick-up truck cruising down my alley, stopping at each dumpster and poking around in it. His pick-up bed was full of “stuff” – treasures I’m sure. But suddenly, the obvious smacks me in the head. What did I just throw in that public dumpster? Hmmmmmm.

So last night, I took out a small bag of trash – mostly old magazines and junk mail. Today when I opened the lid of the dumpster to toss in the remains of my sushi carry-out container, I saw, with dismay, that the trash from my bag deposited last night was scattered all over the inside of the dumpster – someone had obviously gone through it overnight. Were they looking for my O (Oprah) magazine? Doubt it. Someone who will go through a bag of papers is looking for INFORMATION. Yikes.

I guess this should be a Big Duh moment, but somehow in my idealistic little brain I’ve felt like “my” dumpster was sacred. And secure. Sheesh.

Guess I better fire up the shredder…