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Is There an @$$ For Every Saddle?

In late 2007, I wrote an ebook with the tongue-in-cheek title of "70+ Ways to Sell Your Listings in Today's Sucky Market" which was a detailed instruction guide to SELLING listings as opposed to just GETTING listings. But there's one topic I didn't address in the book and should have.  donkey

The question I didn't answer was: "If my agent does each and every one of your 70+ thingees to sell my listing, can you guarantee that it WILL sell?"


Sure wish I could. With all my heart, I wish I could promise that if your agent does everything she possibly can to properly market your home that it will sell within xx days. But that would be a lie and I'd never lie to my friends.

Here's the thing. There simply may not be a demand for your home right now. There may literally be NO buyers for what you're selling.

I had a broker once who made the statement "There's an a$$ for every saddle." Cute, huh? All she meant was that every home will sell eventually. And it was true, back then. Today? Not so much.

There simply aren't enough buyers out there. Very few of today's buyers are willing to take a chance on their home purchase. If your property offers any sort of investment risk, it may not be sellable. Right now, anyway.

Hopefully that isn't the case anyway. The market in Charming Old Denver is showing signs of life and there is a renewed optimism in the air. Homes that are priced right and presented well do sell. I'll bet yours will, too!