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The Jennifer Allan Parade of FORMER Charming Old Denver Homes!

One of the many ways I kill time online is to look up the addresses of my former homes in Denver to see if they've changed hands again.  It's always fun to look at the interior photos to see what the new owners did to the place.

Whoa! I believe that every single house I've lived in here in Denver is either on the market right now or just was on the market! It feels weird - not sure why - but to see all these places I called home at some point in my life splashed all over the Internet... kind of like a little nostalgic journey thru time. 

So... if you'd like to join me on my journey... here we go.



Here's my very first home, built in 1901 in Sunnyside, which I purchased in 1994 for $82,000. It had a mother-in-law apartment on the side which introduced me to the world of landlording. A good thing. It was recently on the market for $335,000, but didn't sell.




Here's the 1872 South Sloan's Lake home I lived in when I started in real estate in 1996. It was practically a haunted house when we bought it, but we made it fabulous. It's featured in one of Denver's history books - "Rediscovering Northwest Denver." I think we paid $162,000 for it.  It's currently on the market for $450,000. Here's the listing.





A few years later, we moved across Sloan's Lake to this 1890 Victorian, which was actually a listing of mine that I fell in love with. Bought it for $282,000. The blue version is how it was when I owned it; the brown exterior is how it looks currently. Just went on the market for $575,000. Here's the listing.











hudsonThen... we bought my dream house over in Hilltop. I LOVED this house. It was unlike anything I'd ever lived in - very contemporary and "adult" with a gallery of skylights and a killer mountain view. I still have dreams about living in this house.

Alas, the "new" owners let it go into foreclosure and it's now on the market for $200,000 LESS than I sold it for in 2005. I previewed it yesterdayliving and literally cried. It's trashed. Here's the listing. The agent didn't even post any photos. With reason. But here are some from when I owned it.







And... last, but not least... the house I lived in for 8 months right before I moved to Alabama. Cute little patio home just a few blocks from Sloan's Lake. I renovated it into what I called "Miami Vice" style; the new owners apparently didn't approve and changed it to Tuscan. Ah well.  It just sold for $382,000. Minor factoid- the listing agent happened to be MY agent before I got my license.



living room


Far left - My "Miami Vice" living room... near left - The new owner's "Tuscan" living room.




 So... there you have it! Hope you enjoyed this little tour of my own personal Denver Parade of Homes. If you want the scoop on any of these homes or neighborhoods... you know who to call!

Jennifer Allan