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To Ziggers... My Precious Under Dog

Last May I found seven little puppies on the side of the road in Dale County, Alabama. Brought ‘em all home, cleaned ‘em up, fell in love. But unfortunately, with three dogs already in residence, keeping all seven was a bit puppiesimpractical.

Here's a picture of the puppies from the night we found them. Which one does your eye naturally go to?

If you said the one with the white circle around its nose, well, that's Baba. She was the charismatic one of the bunch - very outgoing, very confident; the one you naturally gravitate to. If she were in high school, she'd be the homecoming queen.

Not that the others weren't charming and friendly; they were. Baba just had that spark. You know what I mean.

Well, I fell for the spark and immediately claimed Baba as my own. She had found a home.

The other six, well, we needed to find homes for them. Tippy went first, then Spike, then Hugger & China, then Peaches. The only one left was... the one we hadn't named yet! The as-yet unnamed dog was shy and skittish. She hung back when people came to pick their puppy and no one had even considered her. Truth be told, we barely noticed her - that's why she didn't have a name.

But we did find a home for her and she reluctantly left our household. Three days later she was back. The new owners said she was sweet, but unresponsive and uncooperative. Well, shoot.

ziggyCut to the chase, Ziggers stayed with us and she is the most loving, calm, patient, beautiful dog on the planet. I love her madly. Oh, I love Baba too and she's still delightfully outgoing. But Ziggers is coming into her own and it's beautiful to watch.


 Jennifer Allan