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Denver Is... (observations from a recently returned Denver-ite)

Been gone from Denver a few years - two years and 6 weeks to be exact. Got back to town a week ago today. Love it, Love it.

So, to celebrate my first week back home, here's a little tribute to Denver...

Denver Is.... friendly

I've yet to leave the house for any sort of errand and not had a pleasant conversation with someone - a conversation that left me smiling on my way to the next pleasant conversation. Now, that may not sound like much to you, but I'm not at all a people-person and I tend to retreat into my own little world when I'm in public. People are so nice here! I'm inspired to hold up the tradition!


In my two years away, I'd forgotten how darn healthy this town is. 2 degrees outside? No problem! You still see people biking and jogging (not me). I've yet to see a cigarette and last night I couldn't find a parking space at the new organic grocery store in my neighborhood. When I tell someone I'm gluten-free (can't eat wheat), nine times out of ten they know what I'm talking about.


My first day here, last Sunday, was so darn sunny I could hardly stand it. Where else on the planet do you have Sun Glare reports in conjunction with the local traffic reports? Seriously, the sunshine is fabulous and can make an otherwise chilly day feel like spring. Maybe all the sunshine is why people are so friendly?


Dry is good... except while you're adjusting. I have a pot of boiling water on my stove which needs replenishing every hour. Chapstick is never far from reach. When I put on my moisturizing lotion in the morning (at 40, I gotta think ahead, y'know), I have to add more 15 minutes later. But, once my body gets used to this, dry is great. There really IS such a thing as "dry" cold and "dry" heat, both of which make temperature extremes much more bearable.


...Easy to Navigate
On my way to Denver from Alabama, I stopped off in Kansas City to see family. Got lost, lost, lost and lost again. I grew up there, for gawd's sake! Denver? All grid. Straight lines that intersect at perfect right angles; even the highways are pretty much straight and uncomplicated. Oh, and most of the streets in Central Denver are alphabetical! How cool is that??? (e.g. Zenobia, Yates, Xavier, Wolff, Vrain, Utica, etc.).

It just feels right. It's good to be home.